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Maquette collage for CAVE installation

I was lucky enough to personally handle the archives of artist Joseph Cornell, and also step into the Joseph Cornell Study Center collection, both housed within the Smithsonian, which was like stepping into the man's mind. Boxes of cut paper, clippings, objects, photographs, and postcards, all collected by Cornell, sat on shelves filling a room the size of a very large walk-in closet, a trove of discovery. His personal library of books, some with their illustrations cut out, or with additional imagery pasted in, were small histories with excerpts erased or altered, but giving birth to newly invented, meticulously calculated artworks in the form of collage in shadowboxes, whimsical dioramas and obsessive shrines. This experience was one of the seeds that spawned my vision for CAVE- what could it possibly look like to step into my mind?