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artist talk inside CAVE, Jan. 2014
transformer, Washington DC

In my first solo exhibition, I transformed the gallery space into a fantastical constructed cave, obsessively plastered with imagery drawn from my own museum souvenir postcard collection. Inside the cave, the legacy and stability of institutionalized narratives of art history are distorted and embellished to obscurity, covered in paper mosaic and collage - a fabricated shrine to impermanence.

I am fascinated by how history and collective memory are shaped by the ways we collect, preserve, and present cultural artifacts. In my work I have explored notions of impermanence, growth, and decay.

I have been interested in memorials and reliquaries, things that preserve the remains of the past, or things that point to the past and insist on being revealed and remembered. My use of crystal and rock imagery represent geological forces and beauty that, to me, convey a sense of human ephemerality amidst the eternity of time. How will the whole of human existence be memorialized? Imagine how much is excluded and left out of the history we know.

photo courtesy of Studio Pri