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views inside CAVE, Dec. 2013-Jan. 2014
transformer, Washington, DC

"It’s impossible to ignore an artwork that requires viewers to contort themselves to enter, and to use flashlights — they’re provided — to explore its shadowy recesses.

Inside, the space is embellished with squares of shiny silver and gold paper, like reptilian scales, and a strand of diamond-shaped pink lights. Amid these elements are dozens of museum postcards, depicting fine- and decorative-art objects, that Cebra has collected over the years. A student of library science and historic preservation, the artist has created a sort of sham World Heritage site, a cross between a museum gift shop and the sort of cave that conceals Paleolithic paintings.

Intriguingly, Cebra’s interest in preserving and cataloguing is here combined with willful destruction. Those postcards won’t come off the wall intact, so this installation marks the end of that collection. CAVE is a place for conserving, but also for letting go."

-Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post

photos courtesy of Studio Pri