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detail views of CAVE, Dec. 2013-Jan. 2014
transformer, Washington DC

"The cave is full of luminous and sentimental possibility. There are even flashlights on hand to complete the effect, making you feel like you’re inside a tent fort. And yet the materials are all quite common collage elements, mostly paper.

Maybe the most refreshing thing about the work is that it has none of the trappings that typically come with art at an architectural scale today. I’m reminded of Dan Steinhilber’s inflated garbage-bag structures for the Kreeger Museum, and the way he managed to shrink several galleries into what felt like a smaller area. Cebra’s piece, on the other hand, feels like a small space writ large—like an enlarged version of the corner of a dresser reserved for curios.

It’s a positive and affirmative work—better than that, it’s cozy. Cebra clearly admires the concept of a museum or the endeavor of collecting; in CAVE, she displays her collection of museum postcards, and the pieces shine like the permanent collection at the Met. Her enthusiasm is contagious."

-Kriston Capps, Washington City Paper

photos courtesy of Studio Pri